Plenum 1 (P1)

Building Thinking Classrooms

We know that problem solving is an effective way for students to learn to think mathematically and to acquire deep knowledge and understanding of the mathematics they are learning. Simply problematizing the mathematics curriculum, however, does not help constitute the practice that teachers want or students need. Equally, infusion of problem-based learning into the mathematics curriculum does not help with the transformations we want to see in our classrooms. What we need are a set of practices that, along with good problems, can build thinking classrooms. In this presentation, Dr. Peter Liljedahl looks at a series of such practices, emerging from 15 years of research, that can help to build an environment conducive to problem-based learning. He will unpack his research that has demonstrates that a problem-based learning environment and culture can quickly be established, even in classrooms where students resist change.

Tirsdag 26. november kl. 10.00 - 10.50
Rom: San Siro 1 og 2

Peter%20Liljedahl.jpgPeter Liljedahl har en imponerende CV, med enormt mange publikasjoner. Hans forskning har ledet fram til det han betegner som «Building thinking classrooms», der han bruker forskningsresultatene sine for å gi et verktøy til lærere slik at de kan skape «tenkende klasserom».