Storverksted 7 (S 7)

Mathematics is not a spectator sport.

Exploring, questioning, conjecturing, explaining, generalising… are all at the heart of mathematical thinking. Join Charlie Gilderdale from NRICH who will introduce some of his favourite problems intended to set students off on a journey of discovery. This workshop will be ideal for teachers who want to introduce young students to mathematical exploration and set them on the path to working and thinking like mathematicians.

Onsdag 27. november kl. 10.30-11.50

Charlie GilderdaleCharlie Gilderdale is the NRICH Secondary Co-ordinator

He contributes to the NRICH website and works in schools with students and teachers. His recent work has focussed on problem solving and reasoning and on encouraging students to think mathematically;

He is responsible for developing secondary-level classroom content that offers opportunities for learning mathematics through exploration and discussion and aims to enrich students’ experience of the subject;